Be it hand built ceramics, mould making and slip casting, from throwing pots to mixing glazes or the first firing of the Raku kiln you’ve built, for me, ceramics never fails to deliver. A voyage of discovery into new (and ancient) but always exciting and inspiring methods to try, twist, experiment with and explore. From the happy accidents to the molten mess welded to the kiln shelf, opening up the kiln post firing is always joy akin to Christmas morning as a child.

Being introduced too ceramic five years ago by my partner (Anita Honeyball – a rather talented ceramicist and glass artist) was something of a touch paper moment from which I have never looked back. I have since been striving to learn, explore and create. Spurred on by countless books, hours of you tube footage and picking the brains of many a seasoned potter along the way.

I now spend my days teaching ceramics to adults with learning difficulties and passing on my knowledge of all things 3D as a technician at our local college in Suffolk.

All of the above finally leading to the launch of my ‘Rock Pool’ range of ceramic Stoneware and melted glass dishes. With a nod to mother nature I attempt to recreate the rugged natural beauty hidden in the rock pools surrounding the British Isles.